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Mark founded Xenogenix after leading marketing, sales and customer service teams at Cellnet, NTL and Dolphin. He has worked on more than 20 performance improvement assignments including clients such as Vodafone, Virgin, Abbey and the Financial Services Commission.

CRM Business Analysis

Business Analysis. Method without Madness Effective business analysis is required before funding a project that impacts your business processes.   For example,  a system implementation, process automation, new process introduction, or a compliance initiative. Business Analysis will ensure: Your needs and requirements are clearly specified You can quantify the benefits or return on investment of the desired solution You can [...]

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Automatic Reschedule of Products using Visualflow

Reschedule Products - Introduction Our client provides payment gateway services and wins orders that have scheduled opportunity products over multiple years. When an opportunity line item is added to an opportunity, monthly scheduled item records are automatically generated starting from the close date of the opportunity. However,  the opportunity also contains a custom field ‘Revenue Start Date’ which should be [...]

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Commission Automation using Visualflow

Introduction Our client sells trrvel and concierge services to consumers. They needed a solution to automatically calculate the sales commission for each of their commission earners. They have target based sales commission and bonus programmes that are applied to different roles in the company, e.g. Sales Reps, Deal Managers, Territory managers, Marketing Managers, Collections managers, Training Managers. Sales commissions and [...]

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