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The Benefits of Marketing Automation

Do More with Less:
A team of one can run all of the elements of a marketing campaign with a marketing automation system. A single person can track, target, and keep campaigns organised, and by reviewing the tracked data, you can determine the ROI of each aspect of your strategy.

Better Quality Leads:
A scoring and grading system means marketers can evaluate a prospect’s activities- for example, clicking a link in an email, visiting the pricing page on your website, or downloading a white paper or case study - and assign leads a ‘score’. They can then grade them based on how closely they fit the profile of your business’s ideal buyer. This way, the best leads will go to your sales team.

Keep Pace with Customers:
Technology has changed the way that customers interact with businesses. Automating aspects of your marketing can help you get over this hurdle - particularly if you have a longer sales cycle or a business model that requires more touch-points with clients and prospects.

Complete Insight into Prospects:
Tracking visitors to your website, forms and landing pages, give you a complete picture of who propects are and why they’ve come to you

Tools to Ensure Maximum Success:
The tracking capabilities of marketing automation extend to tracking your campaigns. With features like A/B Testing, you can be certain which campaigns, calls to action, layouts and headlines are having the biggest impact on your buyers. With this kind of insight, you can be sure that your budget is being spent on the campaigns that are going to drive the most revenue.

Growing your Audience and List:
Expanding your audience or list of subscribers is no easy task, but marketing automation has the tools to help you meet your business goals. Creating a personalised experience makes your content more relevant to buyers. With dynamic content, marketers can choose what content displays to prospects with different interests.

Marketing automation creates a way to remove some of the manual time and effort from marketing, freeing your resources to concentrate on devising the kinds of campaigns that will increase revenue and the success of your brand.

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