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Exa Networks

A Complete Internet & Telecoms Business Transformation in the Cloud Company Overview:  Exa Networks is an ISPs delivering bespoke Internet services to thousands of schools and businesses across the UK, often significantly cutting costs while improving performance across the board. Specific products include VoIP, Fibre and Hardware. Exa Networks also run Exa Foundation a not-for-profit organisation designed to support Computing for schools and learners, running events across the country. Challenge: Exa [...]

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Wireless Innovation

High-Tech Organisation Moves 100% of Employees onto Salesforce Multi-Cloud Solution Company Overview:  Wireless Innovation specialise in retrieving data from remote and hostile environments. We are network agnostic and offer consultancy and bespoke innovative solutions to real world business challenges. They work to deliver end-to-end solutions that meet each client’s individual needs – whether that’s a wireless network for CCTV backhaul [...]

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RPB Limited

Salesforce Sales, Community and Mobile App Implementation COMPANY OVERVIEW RPB are a leading petrochemical brokerage dealing with the largest players in the Oil Industry. RPB offers a trusted brokering service with a presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Founded in 2005, their business has grown from handling aromatic and related streams to include LPGs, olefins and a wide [...]

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Shared Access - Mobile Telecoms Site Management

Company Overview: Shared Access are an independent owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure, leasing space on their sites to different Mobile Network Operators. Their investment strategies include the development and build of both conventional shared towers and floodlight schemes with integrated antenna systems. Additionally, Shared Access offer landlords with existing Mobile Network Operators on their land an opportunity to [...]

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Orion Heritage

Orion Heritage unearth golden outcomes with Salesforce & Xenogenix Archeological experts partner with Salesforce and process specialists, Xenogenix, to deliver end-to-end business integration. COMPANY OVERVIEW:  Orion Heritage is a fast growing, dynamic archaeological and heritage company built on over 30 years collective experience. Working across the UK, Orion offer independent advice to the private sector aimed at resolving the often conflicting demands of [...]

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Wildgoose Events Ltd

Company Overview: Wildgoose Events Ltd are a leading Events company specializing in tablet and smart phone based challenges. Their product is extremely versatile and can be applied to B2B & B2C markets. They have corporate clients such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds. The company has grown 30% year on year since inception and has a strong International Licensing Channel. They have [...]

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Fieldwork Education

Replacing Sugar CRM for Company Overview: Fieldwork Education are creates and providers of what is proving to be, the fastest-growing, independent primary curriculum in the world. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is now used by schools in over 90 countries where more than 250,000 children experience great learning. The International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) represents the latest piece in [...]

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Maleon adopt Salesforce

Company Overview: Maleon is a successful firm of consulting engineers specialising in innovative design and management solutions for modern building services. Their heritage is based upon provision of services predominantly for FTSE & NASDAQ listed Clients.       Challenge: Maleon were using a Contact Management module bolt on to their legacy Project Management system as well as Outlook & [...]

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Credit Call Payment Gateway

Company Overview: Credit call offers payment gateway (credit card processing) services to public and private sector customers in Europe and the US.         Challenge: Creditcall were using Sugar CRM to manage the sales process, Mailchimp to run marketing campaigns and Zendesk to run their product support delivery and bug tracking. It was felt within the business that [...]

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Cloud Technology Solutions

Company Overview: Cloud Technology Solutions is one of Europe's leading Google Enterprise Partners. They have helped over a million users across the globe to take advantage of Google Apps as a business solution. Their mission is to ensure all organisations have a smooth and secure transition from their current environment to Google’s highly reliable and scalable infrastructure in the cloud.     [...]

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