Salesforce Expert for a Day

An experienced and certified consultant on site with you for the day to help you maximise your investment in Salesforce

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Salesforce Expert

Compiled by our Salesforce consultants and filled with useful tips and suggestions to get your Salesforce environment working more effectively. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements with one of our team please call us on 1800 938 766 or +353 (0) 19079173. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you and explain how we can help your business achieve its goals.

Salesforce Expert for a Day

Although Salesforce applications are relatively easy to use and customise, we frequently see systems that are underused or poorly adopted and often both!

Our 'Expert for a Day' is a cost effective Salesforce optimisation service that can help you identify ways in which you could use the system more effectively, implement any necessary changes and get your Salesforce application working more efficiently.

Examples of how our Salesforce Expert for a Day service has helped clients include:

  • System modifications and configuration changes so processes are better aligned;
  • Customise screens and fields so they are more suited and relevant to the task at hand;
  • Create custom dashboards and reports that provide greater insight into business performance;
  • Set-up approvals and workflow to automate tasks and provide a consistent and efficient service;
  • Demonstrate and implement new features and functionality or 3rd party Apps to further improve efficiency and return on investment;
  • Address ‘how should I do this’ queries and provide specific needs based training.

Contact us today and we'll help you improve the performance of your Salesforce system so it delivers the results you need.

If you like the way we work, we can provide a more formal support and administration service.

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