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Embrace new business models with confidence. Centralise and manage the most complex customer relationships in one solution. Create a single source of business truth, improve accuracy, and boost efficiency with the best subscription billing software for Salesforce.

Improved Days Sales Outstanding
Improved close times
CLICK Reporting in seconds

Why consider the FinancialForce Billing Central module?

  • You want to automate your billing process

  • Your business uses one-off and subscription revenue models

  • You want to send clients a single, consolidated invoices with line items from multiple contracts

  • You currently manage recurring revenue in spreadsheets

  • You need better visibility and forecasting of complex revenue

  • You have approved configurations of products with subscriptions

  • You need some of CPQ’s functionality but at a lower cost

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Centralise All Billing Types

Products, subscriptions and usage-based models each have unique billing structures. Configure the pricing and contact terms from one screen and manage it all in one integrated process. Use plans to package or bundle products. Automate billing operations and taxation.

Full Visibility from Opp to Renewal

Now everyone has the information they need to manage the customer relationship. Protect renewals with proactive notifications. Analyse customer data at any stage, make informed decisions and take actions that have impact.

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One Billing Centre for the Front and Back Office

The Salesforce subscription billing app instantly connects to Salesforce CRM and any app in the FinancialForce ERP suite. Connect billing data across all your apps and share one customer master record across all departments. Establish and end-to-end audit trail and make compliance a breeze.

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Drawing upon our finance experience and hundreds of Salesforce implementations we discuss why moving your finance operations onto Salesforce can transform your business.

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