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Connect FinancialForce with Your Favourite Apps

Xenogenix is an advocate in getting your entire business on the Salesforce platform as it allows you to achieve deeper and more generally more robust integration. However, there is no denying that there are some great apps available off the Salesforce platform. Perhaps your business has become successful around the use of a specific app with its highly specialised functionality, or other stakeholders in the business simply won’t consider change.

As technology experts we can help you evaluate your options and help you decide on the most cost-effective, scalable option for your business based on factors such as value, lifetime cost and user adoption.

We have cost effective integrations for popular apps ready to be deployed to link/push/synchronise your data across platform.

  • Go live in as little as 2 days
  • Pricing from as little as £200/year*
A global platform that can take online and in-person payments

  • Client receives a FinancialForce invoice with a Stripe payment link
  • The client makes the payment, the FinancialForce invoice is marked as paid and the fulfilment team are automatically notified that they can dispatch goods to the client.
Make employee expenses as painless as possible with the world’s leading expense management app. Users take a photo of expense receipts which are then automatically coded with details ready for approval in Expensify.

  • Once approved, Expensify expense report data is populated in FinancialForce Accounting purchase ledger ready for the next payment run
Build your own e-commerce website using Spotify’s platform.

  • Inventory and procurement is managed in FinancialForce SCM, automatically updating stock values in your Shopify website
  • Update your Salesforce Orders with data BI data collected by Shopify
Does your business operate globally, raising sales invoices in local tax in many countries? Does invoicing in multiple currencies and/or with multiple tax rates cause issues, or do you have challenges determining the correct geographical location of the sale and staying up to date with international tax thresholds? If so you should evaluate Quaderno:

  • Let Quaderno determine the correct tax rate depending on the client location
  • Quaderno raises the invoice which is replicated in FinancialForce FinancialForce Accounting
  • Quaderno takes payment for the invoice via an integration with Paypal or Stripe, the payment is replicated in FinancialForce Accounting and matched against the invoice

***1000’s more apps available on request***

*Pricing based on number of users, usage and complexity of integration
**May require an additional subscription with the app vendor

10 Reasons Finance Works
Better on Salesforce

Drawing upon our finance experience and hundreds of Salesforce implementations we discuss why moving your finance operations onto Salesforce can transform your business.

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