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2809, 2016

Sales: The Antibodies to Successful CRM

Introduction The last frontiers to be automated in many organisations are the sales and marketing functions. But the risk of rejection and failure is high. Management see these as tools that will give them more control of an overhead that they find hard to probe and manage. Sales people can perceive these as a threat or hindrance rather than a help. What are the underlying win-win [...]

2809, 2016

Why CRM Initiatives Fail

CRM confusion People have different interpretations about what CRM really means in their organisation. It is a business culture with well-defined and implemented business processes, measurable business objectives, and an ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to the changing customer demands for products and services Poor vision, and alignment to strategy Leadership teams often fail to establish a common view how the CRM strategic objectives aligns with the business [...]

2809, 2016

Do you really need a CRM system?

Introduction We talk to a lot of companies who are considering the implementation of CRM solutions, and many of them are uncertain on what CRM is, why they need it and what results it can deliver. Whether your company needs a CRM system or needs to replace the current ‘CRM’ system really depends on how you interact with your customers, on your business model, on your [...]

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