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Course Overview

Xenogenix Salesforce Administrator Training is a 2 day basic training course that will give you all of the fundamentals to excel as a Salesforce administrator. Whether you are taking over an existing Salesforce Org, starting a new Salesforce implementation for your business or want to learn Salesforce to further your career, this course will be for you.

The training is practical and hands on, you will get to practice every area you study in the workshops, making you confident to apply your learning to your real life situation.

Taught by our experienced and accredited Salesforce Consultants, who implement and optimise Salesforce for diverse organisations everyday. You will benefit from the wide range of experience gained from hundreds of hours of implementations for a vast range of organisations and differing business processes.

This course will cover:-

Learn about setting up your company profile, managing user licenses and the different types of Salesforce Orgs available and the features of each. See how many user licenses are being used and how much data you are using.

This section will cover the key things you need to know when it comes to managing salesforce users. Learn how to give access to and revoke access from your salesforce users. Learn about Profiles, Roles and Permission sets. Also tips on how to troubleshoot login issues.

Learn about the powerful security features of salesforce, and how to keep your salesforce Org secure. How to ensure that only those who should be able to see particular information in your salesforce Org do. Understand Object level, record level and field level access/security. Learn how the role hierarchy can influence and control record access as well as how to set up exceptions using sharing settings and manual sharing.

Objects are the backbone of salesforce. Here you will learn about standard objects, and how and when to create custom objects. We will cover the different types of fields available, page layouts, record types, validation rules and explore the awesome Lightning App Builder.

Learn how to support different sales processes and discover Salesforce Lightning features such as the Sales Path, and Guidance for Success to really make your sales teams productive. When and how to use and set up Products, Opportunity Products and Pricebooks. We delve in to Leads, assignment rules, notifications, queues, and when and how to convert Leads. Lastly we look at Quotes, and yet another great Lightning feature Kanban List Views.

Salesforce is not only all about sales! We will take a detailed look at the support options Salesforce has to offer. This induces case management, linking in with Email-to-case and web-to-case. We will run through the basic customer service process and show how case can be actioned effectively using assignment rules and list views. Lastly, we will look at the console view designed to make service agents as efficient as possible.

Learn how to track and manage user activity with Tasks and Events. Encourage collaboration throughout your organisation with Chatter.

In this section we look at importing, updating, transferring, and mass deleting data in salesforce. How to work with CSV files, and tactics and strategies for maintaining a high level of data quality, including managing and dealing with duplicate data. We also take a look at salesforce's tools for importing and exporting data - Dataloader & Data import wizard.

Learn about creating insightful reports in your salesforce organisation. We take a deep dive in to report types, fields, summarising data, filtering data, charting, scheduling, and conditional highlighting. We look at how you give and restrict access to reports, and how the salesforce security model impacts on reports. Learn when and how to create custom report types. We then show how you can create highly targeted and useful dashboards.

Unleash the power of salesforce by learning how to automate using workflows, Flow, Process Builder, and approval processes. What are the use cases for each, and when to use each of the tools available.

Introducing the salesforce AppExchange, salesforce's very own “App Store”. Find hundreds of solutions already developed, many available for free to expand the functionality of salesforce, and avoid reinventing the wheel.

Course Prerequisites

You must be able to bring along a laptop with wifi. We will also send you some pre-course learning to ensure you are ready.

Course Details

Lunch and Refreshments will be provided.

Available Dates

Location Date
Dublin City Centre 19th & 20th September Book Now
Dublin City Centre 21st & 22nd November Book Now


A full 2 day training course, including electronic course materials and refreshments is €900

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