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Flexible Salesforce Training Services

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Salesforce TrainingCompiled by our Salesforce consultants and filled with useful tips and suggestions to help you get your Salesforce environment working more effectively. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements with one of our team please call us on 1800 938 766 or +353 (0) 19079173. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you and explain how we can help your business achieve its goals.

Whilst the award winning CRM system is intuitive and easy to use, receiving professional Salesforce training in our experience has a positive impact on user adoption and can help you realise a greater return on investment.

We find that clients like the way our Salesforce training can be tailored to their specific requirements, roles and system configuration.  We would work with you and ascertain what you already know and what is important for you to know in relation to how you are using Salesforce.

After confirming what your Salesforce training objectives are and what you want to be able to accomplish by the end of the session we'll develop your training plan.  As a result, you will only be trained on what you need to know which makes your training session both cost effective and productive.

Salesforce Training for End-Users

Fear of change and inadequate training are the primary reasons for poor user adoption. We therefore provide a range of Salesforce training services that will ensure your end users fully understand the system and have the confidence and ability to apply that knowledge to maximum effect.

Salesforce Training for System Administrators (Super User)

Our Salesforce administrator (Super User) training is based on your system configuration and will take into account current and future business needs.  You can therefore be assured that by the end of the training your Salesforce administrator will be able to apply best practices learnt to enhance the system's usability in accordance with your unique business processes.  Furthermore, they'll know exactly what changes they need to make and how to make them to ensure optimum performance of your Salesforce system.

Contact Xenogenix today and we'll help you make the most of your investment in Salesforce by ensuring your people are professionally trained.

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