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Tony Hearne - JT Global

Professional team, always available when required and deliver quality work within agreed deadlines.

Carla Moores - Winning Pitch

Xenogenix have always gone above & beyond to meet our requirements. The relationship I have with Paul McVitty is great and he always takes time to understand what we require.

When we contact Paul with a request he will review it and often comes back with a better way of implementing it. The screen share set up we use is fantastic and I can show him what I think we need and then we work out between us what the business actually needs.

Stephen Stubley - MHR

Xenogenix worked with us to implement an in depth and complicated very of CPQ. This work has now digitised numerous processes within our business and has really helped us to not only understand our processes better but also gain granular MI and strategic value.

Our managed services was handled brilliantly by Xenogenix, working in a clearly defined scrum methodology, delivering incremental benefits to our system and business.

Riccardo Marin - Red Bee Media

"Great knowledge, understanding of customer's needs, support and flexibility. I would recommend Xenogenix without any doubt."