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Our Top Picks for Spring '17

Salesforce Spring ’17 Release – Our Top Picks



The latest Salesforce release (Spring ’17) is moving closer. This release is going to contain many Lightning Experience usability enhancements. Users will be pleasantly surprised and companies on classic will be starting to take another look at their Lightning readiness.

We have been through the release notes and there are a number of features we really like… here are our favourite enhancements:

Web-to-Lead: reCAPTCHA Web Form Validation

For those not using a 3rd party marketing suite or Pardot you are probably still utilising salesforce web-to-lead. Its just got more functional with the introduction of captcha!

Frustrate spammers and improve the quality of your sales teams’ leads with the reCAPTCHA widget. The reCAPTCHA widget requires interested customers to select a checkbox before they can submit an inquiry about your product. Enabling spam filtering lets sales reps focus on actual prospects, and not on spam leads.



Get More Out of Person Accounts

Full support for person accounts , now available in Professional Edition. Users can de-dupe, manage and edit person account layouts! Plus, the person account Lightning Page is now customisable. There is also fuller support with Contacts to Multiple Accounts, the option to prevent sales teams from creating duplicate person account records, and more.

Orders: Agreements for Delivering Products and Services in Lightning Experience

While previously unavailable, companies can now use the orders object without returning to classic. Give your teams more bells and whistles with the ability to track requests for products and services in Lightning Experience.
·         See orders list views
·         Manage orders
·         Work with order products, reduction orders, notes, attachments, and more
·         Manage email, events, logged calls, and tasks in the activity timeline. (Unique to Lightning Experience.)
·         Use Chatter with Orders and Order Products to collaborate during the order management process. Share information, updates, and documents, and monitor status and key field changes on order records.
·         Get the big picture with Kanban. (Unique to Lightning Experience)

Save Time by Editing Inline in List Views

Your reps can breeze through record updates in Lightning Experience with Lightning Edit in list views. Reps can modify a record without opening it, right from the list view. And in lookup fields, they can search for and create records on the fly. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

Reps can edit only one field at a time, but they can save changes to fields on multiple records at once. Editing inline is different from doing a “mass action.” Both are done from list views, and both are efficient. But with inline editing, you’re saving a change to fields on one or more records. A mass action is selecting records and then clicking a button to do something with those records—for example, add them to a campaign.



Make Your Own Kanban View

Finally, coming up in the Spring ’17 Salesforce release changes to Kanban view.
·         Kanban will now be available everywhere
·         Configure any Kanban view – selecting the fields on which to create columns and summaries







These are our top general features coming in the Spring17’ release, we’ve also looked at our favourite Sales features…read about them here.

Salesforce rely on their customers to feedback to them the features and updates they would like to see in future. If you have an idea you’d love to see get onto the Salesforce Idea Exchange and share your feedback!

If you need help deciding if Lightning is right for you, we can help! Give us a call on 08456 525 625 or fill in your details

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