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How to keep track of Salesforce maintenance projects

As a busy Salesforce admin, your hands are full juggling update and change requests from across your company to help improve the efficiency of the platform – not to mention testing for each new Salesforce release. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a way to manage all of your own projects? With Cloud Coach Milestones, you can easily create [...]

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App of the Month - Cloud Coach

For January our consultants have nominated Cloud Coach as our app of the month. Cloud Coach consists of 4 tiers of solutions to enable customers to run projects on Salesforce. These 4 tiers ensure that organisations have the correct tool for them, ranging from Cloud Coach Milestones which most suitable for small teams with simpler requirements to Cloud Coach Ultimate, [...]

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5 Benefits of Using a Project Management Tool

If you are not using project management tools for your projects you may be doing more work than necessary, and not fulfilling your potential. The right project management tools will leave you and your team free to get the real work done. Here are just a few of the benefits you will notice once you start using some sort of [...]

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CRM Business Analysis

Business Analysis. Method without Madness Effective business analysis is required before funding a project that impacts your business processes.   For example,  a system implementation, process automation, new process introduction, or a compliance initiative. Business Analysis will ensure: Your needs and requirements are clearly specified You can quantify the benefits or return on investment of the desired solution You can [...]

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The Role of a Project Sponsor

The project sponsor makes sure that the project is aligned with the strategic goals of the organisation. The sponsor shapes and approves the project brief which sets the direction for the project, defining what should be accomplished, how much risk the organisation is willing to tolerate, and what limitation will be placed on the project (deadline, staff effort limit, spending [...]

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